Most buildings are not as energy  and water efficient as they can  be.  Using a team of consultants  who specialize in different  building elements, OBC studies a  building to find its efficiency  opportunities.  Our reviewing  team produces a value analysis  report listing enhancement  options with costs, benefits, and  return on investment estimates.   OBC then  assists the building  owner in making a plan for   financing and scheduling the  preferred improvements. OBC can assess the condition of a  building and describe the  maintenance and replacement  needs for its components.  We  start by engaging a team of  specialists to review the  condition of all major building  elements.  (This can be done in  conjunction with an Energy  Efficiency Analysis, if desired).   For each building component  specialists will list the needed  maintenance, estimate the life  remaining, and estimate the  ultimate replacement costs.
When a building owner begins to  seriously reflect on new space  needs and what it can afford to  spend, OBC can help.  If desired,  an OBC consulting team can assist  in the assessment of space and  growth needs.  As those needs  get refined, OBC has the cost  estimating experience to   develop a project budget.  Once a  budget and project scope of work  is determined, we can outline  and schedule the steps that are  necessary to make the project  become a reality. OBC has substantial experience at  writing RFQs and RFPs to help  building owners procure an  individual design firm, a contractor,  or a whole design-build team.   We  can engage specialists to assist in  the solicitation and in the review of  candidate submittals, too.  We are  also experienced in drafting owner  contracts with a designer,   constructor, or design-builder --- understanding that such contracts   are always subject to review by the  owner's legal counsel.    We can help  in contract negotiations, too. In the traditional project delivery  approach there is a need for  contractor savvy eyes to review the  contract documents prior to having  them posted for contractor bidding.    Having had over twenty years of  experience working for commercial  general contractors and having  himself submitted over 100  competitive bids, OBC's Principal,  Court Olson, is competent at  reviewing design documents and  spotting shortcomings.  OBC also  engages electrical and mechanical  specialists to assist. OBC's Principal, Court Olson, has  been managing building projects  for three decades.  We work with  both public and private building  owners. We've overseen all types  of project delivery methods,  including traditional design-bid- build, GC-CM, and Design-Build.   (We can offer pros and cons for  each approach.)  OBC is very  sensitive to the needs of project  stakeholders.  Plus, we know how  to effectively coordinate teams   and encourage collaboration to  reach "best value" solutions. Though we are most often engaged  early in the life of a building project  before the project designer or  builder are hired, we have at times  accepted the invitation to  administer contracts that are about  to get underway, or that have  already begun.  In any case, OBC has  extensive experience in administer- ing design and construction  contracts.  We pride ourselves in  having good communication skills, in  promoting coordination among the  team players, and in resolving the   challenges that arise on a project. Resolving differences in contracts  interpretation is part of the job of a  Contracts Administrator.  When OBC  is engaged in that role, we  automatically provide claims  resolution support.  However, on a  few rare occasions building owners  have asked Principal Consultant  Court Olson to assist in resolving  disputes on projects with which we  were not previously involved.   Though OBC does not solicit such  opportunities, we do have  experience in providing such claims  resolution support.